Castle Mill Stream

Length: 3.5 miles; Time: 1.5 – 2 hours

The walk that we have suggested is about 3.5 miles long and will take you an hour and a half to two hours. It begins by following the Thames downstream to the point at which the Castle Mill Stream joins the main stream of the river. After crossing the Thames near this point, the walk follows the Castle Mill Stream upstream as it makes its way through the city.


From Walton Well Road car park, take the Willow Walk following the Castle Mill Stream upstream to Bailey Bridge, which spans it to join the Thames Path. The Thames Path takes you downstream on Fiddler’s Island, across a ‘rainbow bridge’, to the junction of the Path with the Botley Road.

After crossing the road and rejoining the Thames Path on the other (right) side of the river, the Path will take you through Osney Lock and on to the point where the Castle Mill Stream joins on the Thames from the left bank of the latter.

After crossing the Thames using the elaborate bridge that used to carry supplies to and from the gas works, the walk follows the Castle Mill Stream as it comes through the centre of Oxford, passing the Castle, as the name of the Stream implies (there is no surviving mill).

This is not an Oxford water walk that many people use, and it involves crossing several roads, some of them quite busy. However, we think it is interesting in its own way.

The final leg of the walk takes you along the Oxford Canal towpath, which runs between and parallel to the Canal and the Castle Mill Stream, and back to Walton Well Road.

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